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The Good Place

Netflix, Hulu

NBC’s fantasy comedy delves into some of the deepest concerns that haunt us in real life.  Kristen Bell plays the self-absorbed Eleanor, who, after her death, accidentally ends up in the “Good Place” in her afterlife. In her fight to stay there and avoid the Bad Place, she is forced to learn how to be a better person.  The show is filled with hilarity, an incredible cast, and bombshell plot twists. You can catch up on season one on Netflix, and watch new episodes every Friday on Hulu.

– Jane Morgan



Jason Bateman, the loveable star of Arrested Development as well as a string of big screen rom-coms, switches gears with Ozark, a decidedly dark dramedy that’s more drama than comedy. Believe it or not, he makes the transition incredibly well. In the series, he seamlessly morphs from a mild-mannered, downright boring investment planner to a scheming, savvy money launderer in a farfetched storyline that is somehow believable. Though there’s suspense, plot twists and shady characters galore, Bateman’s innate gift for comedy isn’t suppressed in any way, making this one of the best, most watchable series on TV. Be sure to start with the first episode, which sets up the bizarre storyline for the entire season.

– Joni Williams


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