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God Bless Anne Murray

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Editor Manson (second from left) was thrilled to see Dan Collins (left) up and about at last month’s Dan Jam fundraiser at AJ’s in Destin. No stopping this guy—Dan, we mean. Also pictured—Cayce Collins (plus one) and Hunter Dawson from Heritage.

This week I’m listening to an excellent new Anne Murray compilation (41 songs, two hours and change) called The Ultimate Collection. Little did I know that a 1983 song I once ridiculed would be so relevant now.


“A Little Good News” topped the country charts and won Murray a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Performance (Female). It was also named the Country Music Association’s Single of the Year. Thank you, Wikipedia.


When the song—written by Charlie Black, Rory Michael Bourke and Tommy Rocco—initially dropped, I was in high school and refused to listen to music that wasn’t “cool.” (Except for Genesis, of course.) There was a music video for “A Little Good News” that Rolling Stone magazine made fun of with great malice. I’m going to look for it on YouTube after I finish writing this.


After the Las Vegas massacre, devastating hurricanes, and to a lesser extent the whole Tom Petty dead/not dead ordeal, we could all use a little good news.


Anne Murray’s song touched me today in a way I never would have thought possible 34 years ago or even last week. She knows what America needs right now, and she’s Canadian.


We need more songs like “A Little Good News.” I’m hoping someone will invite this wonderful lady to the next songwriter festival so I can thank her in person.

Editor Manson



In last issue’s review of Jason Zinoman’s Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night, Editor Manson wrongheadedly lumped the great Jimmy Kimmel in with other chat show hosts who could never measure up to the legendary Dave.


Mr. Kimmel’s recent remarks on health care reform and sensible gun laws (broadcast to millions of TV viewers) have forced Editor Manson to flip flop. Jimmy, on behalf of the entire Beachcomber family, we apologize. And keep up the fine work.



I picked up the mag here at the Local Market in Destin. I was looking for cool stuff to do and light reading with coffee.


A few pages in, it starts. Trump bashing, the sport of media and the alt left. This crap is non-stop on TV, radio, social media, etc.


No escape here.


I won’t pick this up again, and I will contact Chuck’s Fish and tell them why.


Just stick to fun, sun, lighthearted stories of good deeds and good times. You will keep readers and advertisers and not alienate over half your readership.


Really, what did it accomplish printing that crap? Left or right or middle, this is not the place for national politics.

Tim Herrington


At least we can agree on the Local Market. Delicious!

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