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Beachcomber Profiles* — Myke Van Ness

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Photo by Naree Van Ness.

HOME: Originally from Spring Lake, New Jersey. Now a property tax paying resident of Gulf Breeze.


AGE: My favorite? I’d have to go with the Industrial Age. That internal combustion engine, man! I’m also a fan of the Pleistocene (Ice Age), but I think that’s really more of an epoch.


HOBBIES: Two years ago, I would have said music is my hobby, but now that I actually do it regularly and for a living, I don’t think that qualifies. It’s weird to say, but accounting is my current hobby.


RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS: This year, I played more (and bigger) shows with my band the Good Lookings. We’ve officially added a bass player, and I’m playing a lot more electric guitar—fun but challenging. We put out one video and are currently working on a second, and we’ve been fleshing out originals in preparation for recording an EP this fall.


On the home front, I’ve taken a bit of a dive into the restaurant business. My wife decided she wanted to expand her small Gulf Breeze cafe into a larger restaurant, so we invested a lot of time learning about business plans, managerial accounting, demographics and financing. And it paid off. We’ve been selected to build out a restaurant space in a brand new building project in downtown Pensacola.


I’ve also gotten completely caught up on Game of Thrones—not by watching any episodes, but by piecing together the various memes I see on Facebook.


PROFILE: I’m prior Air Force, and my last duty assignment was at Eglin. I had planned to move away and get a job once I was out, but I kinda fell in love with the Emerald Coast. So I sold my house in Texas and settled down here. Initially, I was going to give myself a year off before getting a job, but during that year I started playing bass in a local band, and then another. Then I became host of an open mic, and before I knew it, that year had long since expired and my place in the local music scene continued to grow.


I received a lot of support and encouragement from family and friends, so I made it a priority to get better at the craft. For the last two years, I’ve been teamed with an amazing drummer (whose name escapes me right now) and a young fellow at Namesake Entertainment (Bart, I think) who have helped me methodically build a brand.


QUOTE: “Humor is reason gone mad.” – Groucho Marx


FAVORITE MAGAZINE: Beachcomber! FREE and fortnightly!


* Inspired by the late, great Creem magazine.

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