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Despite getting ripped by critics, Disjointed—starring Kathy Bates as the hippie chick in charge of a SoCal weed dispensary—has its moments, especially when making fun of the stoner crew. Aside from featuring some longtime TV heavyweights behind the camera (Chuck Lorre and The Daily Show’s David Javerbaum for starters), the show has a likeable cast. Elizabeth Ho, the “tokin’ Asian” of the group, shines as a woman desperately trying to hide her new “budtender” career from her mom. Disjointed also has its own brand of laugh-worthy commercials and YouTube plugs. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a slightly offbeat comedy—and can get past the annoying canned laughtrack—this one just might tickle your funny bone.

– Joni Williams

The Mindy Project



Mindy Kaling’s sitcom remains one of the best romantic comedies on TV. Over the past five seasons, it has seen her character Mindy Lahiri through her career as an OB/GYN in New York, multiple complicated relationships, and motherhood. The ensemble cast has incredible comedic and emotional chemistry, with their constant banter making the show all the more quick and engaging. It is an honest feel-good show that never shies away from putting the uncomfortable or weighty parts of life on full display. The Mindy Project just returned to Hulu for its sixth and final season, with new episodes airing every Tuesday.

– Jane Morgan


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