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Pet of the Issue

Pet of the Issue – Princess Cali

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Submitted by Larry Beat


Her name is Princess Cali, but I usually call her my Baby Girl. When she came into my life two years ago, I simply named her Cali, but after a couple days, she opened up to me and said her father was a king and her mother was a queen. Even without this revelation, I knew she was royalty.


She was a lost cat found behind the offices next to Liza Jackson Park on the Santa Rosa Sound in Fort Walton Beach. There’s a vibrant, sociable group of sunset watchers who meet there every evening to drink wine, take photos of spectacular sunsets and care for the water fowl. They affectionately call this venue Heron Landing.


I stopped there one afternoon to take some photos and they asked me if I wanted a cat. The Princess had been hanging around for over a week, and everyone there wanted her but already had plenty of dogs and cats of their own. I took one look at her and fell in love.


She thrives on constant attention, aggressive back scratches and chilled albacore tuna served in an antique porcelain bowl. The Princess is a talker and very free with her opinions, usually concerning culinary issues.


As a retiree living alone, I did not realize how lonely I was. My Princess affectionately gives me abundant love and companionship.

Deep in thought. Cali can be quite philosophical “when it pleases her,” says Larry.
Cali on patrol in her backyard kingdom. “She enjoys stalking frogs, lizards and small snakes, leaving the birds and squirrels alone,” says Larry.
The Princess shows her totally relaxed and vulnerable side. “I can never resist burying my face in her luxurious underbelly,” says Larry.

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