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From the Heart – Dan Collins

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Beachcomber Music Award winner (among other things) Dan Collins writes:


On Wednesday, August 30, while dropping my son off at Destin Elementary School, my heart stopped beating. We later found out that I have a genetic condition that caused the electrical impulses in my heart to misfire, sending me into cardiac arrest.


I don’t remember driving my son to school that morning, but I am thankful to everyone that jumped into action—from parents in the school line who started CPR and got my son out of the car, to Officer Sonya Sheppard at Destin Elementary and the first responders that were all over it.


I received great treatment at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center. After spending many hours in the ICU, I am grateful to have pulled through. All the prayers, good thoughts, visits, and messages of hope and help pushed it over the top for me.


I really do have a great group of friends and co-workers, and a wonderful community. You have been there for me and my family—not only in this hard time, but financially, as medical bills and time off from work add up every single day.


Special thanks to my wife Cayce, who has been there by my side every step of this journey.

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