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Beachcomber Profiles* — Ted Cobena

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Beachcomber Music Award winning drummer Ted Cobena and other legends at Redd’s Fueling Station in Blue Mountain Beach.
Photo by Chris Manson.

HOME: Rayne, Louisiana, 14 miles west of Lafayette. Celeste and I moved to Santa Rosa Beach in 1991.


AGE: I turned 66 in August. I’m eligible for Social Security now. It’s a weird feeling.


HOBBIES: Bicycle riding. I have an electric bike that I ride every day. Celeste and I love to snorkel and spend time in the water. In the winter, we ride off road in the forest.


RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I moved my recording equipment and enclosed the back porch, expanded my recording studio. We did Max McCann’s CD there (30A Amigos), I’m working with Roy Brown now, and I have some smaller projects going on. It’s a much bigger room with modern equipment.


In late August, I released a new album, Deep Space, available from CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon. Late one night on a TV news program, one of the guests said, “So what if we destroy the planet? We can leave the earth.” What a bizarre thought. That was the inspiration for Deep Space. I started writing songs with a lot of emotion behind them. It’s an all-instrumental album, so the trick was to make the music very emotional.


There’s a lot of tension in some of the songs, and some of the songs are very laid back and relaxing—like being weightless in space. I wanted a lot of push and pull in the songs.


Max McCann played guitar on most of the songs. His playing is stellar…sorry. Unintended!


PROFILE: I was working a desk job in the early ‘70s, and a friend wanted to start a band. He had a lot of original songs, so I thought he could make a career of it. I was in several bands in Louisiana that played originals. The most important was Bas Clas, who I joined in 1979. The Picou brothers formed the band, and we’re still together. In fact, I just listened to them on a Lafayette radio station this morning. We were inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2013, and we’re working on our fourth studio album now.


QUOTE: “Enjoy but don’t destroy.” – Celeste Cobena




* Inspired by the late, great Creem magazine.


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