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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner… Save Us the Left Wing!

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Good job, Harry T’s on HarborWalk Village! Too bad we saw this after we maxed out on Bimini Bashes at AJ’s.

We were recently called out on Twitter for being a “liberal left wing” publication, and not by President Trump.


By the way, Trump has lots of Twitter followers but last time I checked, he was only following 45 accounts. For the King of Tweets to not have the courtesy to follow back is absurd and kind of rude. Even Yoko Ono and Barack Obama followed me back.


But enough about politics, let’s talk about religion. Just kidding. Where was I?


Yes, we were called a “liberal left wing” publication, and I’m not sure why. When we expanded Beachcomber last fall, we were hoping for more advertising revenue and ended up needing more editorial content. Beachcomber Publisher (among other things) Charles Morgan III wanted Florida writer Carl Hiaasen’s column, and since Hiaasen wasn’t appearing in the daily newspaper, we jumped on it.


Hiaasen often writes about Florida issues, and he writes about President Trump. And not kindly. Occasionally, the man who wrote the source material for Demi Moore’s seminal 1996 film Striptease takes a week off, and we run something by one of Hiaasen’s fellow Tribune Media Services columnists. They, too, often write unfavorably about Trump.


We have reached out to some of the syndicate’s conservative writers in the name of balance, people like Ann Coulter. But apparently she hates Trump now, too.


Anyway, don’t let the ACLU membership card in my wallet fool you. I believe politicians on both sides should be called out as often as possible. I wrote a blurb for An Inconvenient Sequel a few months back and referred to Al Gore as a “windbag.” And nobody tweeted that we were a “conservative right wing” publication.


Some of you guys need to lighten up. If you disagree with any of the (usually well-informed) opinion pieces in Beachcomber, send us an ***INTELLIGENT*** reply and we will do our best to publish it in an upcoming issue.


(Hey, printer, can you put the word “intelligent” in bold, all caps, with stars around it, and maybe some of those animated balloons like the ones that pop up on your smartphone when you post “Congrats” on Facebook? Thanks!)


Opinions aside, I hope you enjoy this issue, particularly my glowing review of Senator Al Franken’s new book.

Editor Manson




Great place where locals and tourists can go (“Meet the New Fokkers” by Joni Williams, Aug. 24-Sept. 6 Beachcomber) and, well, be locals. Awesome service, quality food and great environment. Try the grilled wings, kick back with a pizza experience or go German…it doesn’t matter, it’s all mouth-watering. And if you feel like something quick, have a salad and their lunch specials. They’re amazing, and so is the price. Go to Fokkers, and tell ‘em Donnie sent ya.

Don Peckham


Don Peckham is the assistant manager of Fisher House of the Emerald Coast, a wonderful nonprofit organization.



In last issue’s Book Reviews, the review of David Thomson’s Warner Bros was incorrectly attributed to Marilu Morgan. As our more sharp-eyed readers surely figured out on their own, the piece was penned by Beachcomber Contributing Editor Bruce Collier. We apologize for any heartache this unforgivable error might have caused.


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