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The More You Don’t Know

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Editor Manson hangs out at Hog’s Breath Cafe/Saloon in Destin with 30ATV’s Redd and Paul, along with various photo bombers.
Photo by Lexi Willcoxon.

Between Tuesday afternoon, when I write my Opening Remarks at the last possible minute, and Thursday, when the new issue of Beachcomber drops at all the cool restaurants, shops, bars, libraries and pet salons, I have a lot of unanswered questions about a lot of things.


Hurricane Irma is on a lot of people’s minds, especially after the Harvey devastation that landed on our friends in Texas. My Facebook newsfeed has been clogged up all day with posts like these:


What’s the best Foo Fighters song to play acoustic?


Watching Luke Cage on Netflix.


If you had to choose between eating tacos every day or being skinny, would you choose hard tacos or soft tacos?


In other words, we Northwest Floridians don’t scare easy. And we may have gotten a little too content over the past decade, during which our area was blessedly spared from any serious hurricane action. The only hurricanes we want around here are the ones that come in cheap plastic souvenir cups.


Beachcomber Publisher (among other things) Charles Morgan III has more to say about hurricane preparedness (among other things) in this issue’s Notes from the Apocalypse. Jump to page 8.


The second unresolved matter, which may seem a bit trivial compared to a storm the size of the entire state of Alabama, is this new 30A Sessions concert series that kicks off in late October with Lady Antebellum. Tickets don’t go on sale until the end of the week, so I have no idea how ridiculously expensive they’re going to sell for.


But given the venue, performers and 30A brand name, I’m having a hard time remaining optimistic.


Anyway, stay strong, Beachcomber readers, and we’ll see what happens.

Editor Manson




We asked our friends, family, Facebook trolls, and complete strangers to participate in this vital survey, and some of them actually responded. None commented on the wobbly grammar, so I thank them all for that.


Heidi Best-Swift: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


Nicky Sparks: My AJ’s family. We’d have one hell of a hurricane party.


Debbie Sapp: Anyone, as long as there’s wine.


Tim Bali Prescott: Jim Cantore, of course. For the riveting, panic-inducing commentary.


Editor Manson: Chuck Norris, because he’s apparently still the gold standard for badasses. I had no idea until just recently that Chuck Norris jokes were still a thing. (Example: When Chuck Norris was born, his first words were, “I’m going to have sex with Elvis Presley’s wife.”)



The Beachcomber offices have relocated from U.S. 98 to 120 Benning Drive, and just when we were starting to get a taste for Golden Corral. Positives include being on the first floor, superb view of the Benning/Mountain Drive roundabout, and (for now) the ability to walk from my door to my desk without tripping over stacks of books and CDs.

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