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Based on Sophia Amuroso’s bestselling book, Girlboss details how she turned rags into riches selling vintage clothing on the Internet. Set in 2006, a time when MySpace ruled social media and ebay was in its heyday, the frequent references to the two serve as a trip down memory lane while its autobiographical roots save it from seeming farfetched. Sophia’s transformation is fast and often furious, taking her from smart‑assed, dumpster‑diving shoplifter to driven, super‑successful online entrepreneur in less than a year. The cast is personable and the scripts well written, jacked with plenty of witty one‑liners and real life jargon. And it’s visually interesting, set in hilly San Francisco, complete with trolleys and whimsical vintage homes. Though Season One may be the only one produced by Netflix, this is one of their best original shows with every episode worth watching.

‑ Joni Williams
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