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Pet of the Issue

Pet of the Issue – Reggie

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Submitted by Michelle Mank

Reggie is a nine‑year‑old miniature dachshund. “I’ve had him since he was only two months old, and he’s been through a lot with me—including a few different boyfriends,” Michelle tells us. “Reggie enjoys it when I force him to take selfies with me.”
Um…is that cat litter on your nose, Reggie? “I don’t encourage it,” says Michelle.
Reggie and Mikey the cat. “I brought home a cat for Reggie, and he tried to chew off his tail,” says Michelle. They have since become the best of friends.
Reggie likes to sleep with one eye open. Cue Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”
“That time I brought home a stuffed monkey for him, and he chewed off all his limbs and ate his face,” Michelle recalls.

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