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Live Music Review

Live Music Review – Grayson Capps & the Lost Cause Minstrels

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Imogene Theatre, Milton


Walking into the historic brick building, greeted by the smell of fresh popcorn, I noticed the seats closest to the stage had been quickly claimed by eager fans.


Grayson Capps might not officially belong to the Emerald Coast, but it is fair to say that we treat him as if he was one of our own. I’ve seen him perform everywhere from the family friendly Hub 30A and wild nights of dancing at both former Funky Blues Shack locations, to acoustic at Central Square Records and a packed room during the 30A Songwriter Festival.


Every Capps show has its own personality. It’s part of what makes him an enigmatic performer—whether he is unplugged or loud enough to make your ears ring, he pulls you into the songs. He often gives quick explanations of a song’s origins or shares how the real world person that inspired the song is doing.


Something about Capps’ act feels more akin to traditions of storytelling through poetry and art during the Middle Ages than current music sensibilities. Considering Capps’ band is dubbed the Lost Cause Minstrels, it may well be intended.


Longtime Capps collaborator Corky Hughes (guitar), drummer John Milham, and new member Rufus Ducote on bass make up the current Minstrels lineup. The band has a symbolic relationship where they almost seem capable of reading each other’s minds and anticipating unplanned moments. Over the nearly two-and-a-half-hour performance, rarely did the room drift to total silence as each song sort of floated into the next.


Capps pours himself into every song and isn’t one to shy away from what he sees wrong in the world. I’m sure it caused a few to squirm in their seats, but Capps would flash a smile and dive hair first into the next song before anyone had too much of a chance to react.


With a few brave dancers by the front of the stage, it was a night of magic—a night to remind us all that the love of music (and the love of what we want to do in this world) matters.


The best news of the night? Capps is working on a new album. That’s cause to celebrate.

Nikki Hedrick
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