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How Did We Do It Back in the Day?

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Beachcomber’s fearless music correspondent Nikki Hedrick with Corey Feldman (who appeared on our cover a couple issues back), 99ROCK staffers and assorted angels and hangers-on at Club LA in Destin. Following the photo, Feldman noticed Nikki’s then-outdated copy of Beachcomber and “said he’d been looking everywhere for them,” Nikki reports. “As I handed it to him, I introduced myself as the interviewer, and he thanked me for the article. Then he asked if he could give me a hug and thanked me again.”

My Internet was out at the house over the weekend and still is. I prefer to work on Beachcomber from home because there’s a pool and a fully stocked liquor cabinet. And dogs.


Going four (and counting) days without, I’m surprised and slightly terrified by how much I rely on a strong WiFi connection to do just about anything. God forbid I’d have to put a record on the turntable rather than stream Spotify, or pick up an actual newspaper instead of counting on Alexa to deliver the latest headlines.


And just when I finished compiling my list of movies to watch, I can’t get on bloody Netflix.


I don’t know how people got things done in the old days. I’m reading a book (okay, an eBook I downloaded for two bucks before my world fell apart) about the history of National Lampoon magazine, and to think they actually had to type, re-type and re-type some more… and develop all those nudie photos in a darkroom. And mail art and scripts back and forth, like, in actual envelopes through the United States Post Office.


I suppose the drugs helped a lot.


And GPS, my goodness. I wouldn’t even know how to read a map these days, and I took the Land Navigation course in the Army. And passed, leading to a huge investigation at the NCO Academy.


Anyway, it’s been a struggle, and I appreciate all your prayers and well wishes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to drive to the Walmart parking lot and check my email.

Editor Manson




The article you published by Leonard Pitts Jr. (“What Is Wrong with Trump?”, July 27-Aug. 9 Beachcomber) should be (titled) “What’s Wrong with Beachcomber?” That’s the bigger question here.


Yes, I agree things are going slow, but the question should be “Why?” Well, it’s so obvious that there really shouldn’t be any questions. It’s certainly not the lack of work, standing up for the Constitution, or for trying to do what is right! Yes, Trump is not perfect, but you try and step into those shoes and face the insanity he was left to deal with. Who has the right to judge? This is America!


This article is beyond logical; therefore, I have to place a burden of responsibility of stupidity of the editors and staff at Beachcomber for even allowing such a (sic) article to be published. For this reason, many of your loyal readers will think twice and even take a stand against supporting your publication.


I don’t normally respond to stupidity, but this was worth it!

Terri Stone



You didn’t complain once when we ran all those Obama-bashing articles for the last eight years, Terri.


Worst magazine in America!!!!

Danny Tharpe via Facebook



Mr. Tharpe:

Your bullying hasn’t worked before, and it won’t work now. Also, how the hell did you have time to read every magazine in America?



Last issue, we identified the two grownups in the Kadan Bart Rockett and Brooklyn photo (Stage, July 27-Aug. 9 Beachcomber) as the kid magicians’ parents. They are actually Beachcomber writer Samantha Lambert and her husband Steve.


Also, Editor Manson referred to filmmaker Christopher Nolan as “overrated” in last issue’s Movies section. After seeing Nolan’s latest movie, the extraordinary war drama Dunkirk, Manson wants the whole world to know he was very, very out of line.

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