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Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee Is Delicious

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Editor Manson (far right, even though he’s a bleeding heart liberal) with musician (and occasional BEACHCOMBER contributor) Bruce Salmon and the legendary Alejandro Escovedo, following a soul-shaking performance by Escovedo and his band, plus Tallahassee’s Pat Puckett, at Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola. Lots of great concerts are coming up at Vinyl, in particular the Aug. 4 show with rockabilly great Wanda Jackson and our own Nik Flagstar and His Dirty Mangy Dogs.
Photo by Nancy Rankin Escovedo.

Sorry about that, but the bean counters insisted we could generate some additional revenue for the Beachcomber media empire by selling advertising on our actual article titles. This does not make me a whore, however, because I truly believe Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee is delicious.


But on to more important matters.


Beachcomber Music Awards Hall of Famer Franko “Washboard” Jackson recently had his liver transplant, and he appears to be on the road to recovery. I’m assuming so, since his Facebook feed hasn’t posted any health status updates in a while. On the other hand, he’s sharing lots of funny anti-Trump memes.


I own a couple of Washboard paintings—portraits of Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup and Hank Williams—that I cherish, but I cherish the man who painted them even more. Hope to see you soon, friend.


Speaking of bleeding heart liberals, Leonard Pitts Jr. is filling in for Carl Hiaasen this issue. I can only hope Mr. Hiaasen is taking some time off to write a new novel. He’s one of the greatest (and funniest) storytellers around.


There are two intriguing articles in this issue that scream “Fake News!” One is about a hurricane barrier reef, the other about an underwater art museum. See if you can figure out which one is for realsies.


We recently expanded our distribution of the print edition of Beachcomber out in the 30A area, but we’re still not going to put one of those damn stickers on our car.


I regret the absence of our wildly popular Pet of the Issue feature this go-round. We had someone on board, but they failed to secure a signed release from their four-legger, something our legal team insists upon. Happily, our Outdoors correspondent Jenna Kaye Taylor provided two whole pages of photos of her adorable new Lab puppy.


If you’d like to feature your furry friend in this publication, email Beachcomber loves dogs, but we’re open to including cats, rats, horses and other exotic animals, too. Talking to you, Nonie from Nonie’s Ark Animal Encounters!


Finally, can someone please explain to me what “Despacito” means? I’ve tried to order it at all the Hispanic restaurants around town, but the people there just look at me funny.

Editor Manson



Charles, thank you for so articulately remembering my father, Vic Gold (“Never Ending Circles” by Charles Morgan III, July 13-26 Beachcomber). The Gold children learned the same thing you did, that “discussing” politics at the top of one’s lungs has nothing to do with how much people like or love each other. Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories of friendship.

Stephen Gold, McLean, Virginia



One of the hardest working men in show business (“Beachcomber Profiles—Bob Cushing,” July 13-26 Beachcomber)!

Tim Duffy



Thanks so much for the wonderful article about the museum (“Preserving the History of the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” by Samantha Lambert, June 29-July 12 Beachcomber)!

Kathy Marler Blue, Destin



Kathy Marler Blue is the executive director of the Destin History and Fishing Museum.



From @Corey_Feldman, who was featured in our July 13-26 issue:




Thanks, Corey, and thank you, Nikki Hedrick, for your wonderful contributions to Beachcomber.



Turns out our beloved Nikki won’t be getting that huge raise any time soon. She mistakenly wrote in last issue’s Record Roundup that Jamie from Jamie Lou and the Hullabaloos used to be in the band Wild Fruit. We appreciate our fearless music correspondent owning up to the untruth, but unfortunately, this has caused more irreparable damage than President Trump screaming at a group of Boy Scouts.

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