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We the People… Highlights from ADSO’s Constitution Show

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The Arts and Design Society’s “What’s in the Constitution” show, on exhibit through July 14 at the Art Center Gallery in Fort Walton Beach, featured more than two dozen stunning creations inspired by the United States Constitution (you know, that thing NPR tweeted on the Fourth of July). Here are a few of our favorites.



“I read this quote somewhere—and it will soon be my next tattoo—that seems appropriate for the current time,” says Bain, who serves on the ADSO board and runs the gallery. “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.


Bain says the piece represented one of many Constitution themes that could have been exploited. “I kept it cartoony because more realistic would have been too depressing.” Follow the artist on Instagram, where her handle is @holly4565.



“I think, from something she said, her intent was to depict all of us indeed,” says ADSO’s Tuny Jennings. “The tired, the poor, the infirm, the brilliant, the wealthy, the weak, the strong, all those who go to make up those for whom the Constitution was written. Marcy’s clay work is diverse but always captures the spirit of her subject, and captures it with both depth and flair.”



Rodgers says her piece is about “equality for all beings. It is a questioning of the foundation of our current political situation. The contradiction in the history that we’re taught and the reality of what our country is founded on has always interested and confused me.


“The Declaration of Independence is an amazing document which changed the way nations are governed for the better, but it starts ‘all men’ are created equal. This word choice has always troubled me.” She deliberately omitted the word “men” from her painting, because Rodgers believes the founding fathers should have said “all beings.”


“As a nation and society, we need to evaluate and be more honest about the effects our foundation has on the present,” says Rodgers. “Our nation was built on the mistreatment of human beings, animals and the land in the name of economy and profit—a mistreatment that continues in many different forms today.


“My painting is a prayer for that to change.”


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