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All We Had


All We Had tells the story of Rita and her teenage daughter Ruthie, who live on the road in a broken down car. After hustling the owner of a small town diner for a couple of meals, they find themselves staying and eventually working for the diner after the car refuses to make the getaway. What saves this film from what could be a trite storyline is its superb cast, including Luke Wilson and Katie Holmes, who completely transforms herself into a believable rendition of the hardened and directionless Rita. Likewise, Ruthie’s narration is real, depicting the struggle a child who must assume the parenting role of her mom from her POV, but is also capable of rebellious antics that reverse them.

– Joni Williams



The new show from Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch (Orange is the New Black) is a comedic drama based on the 1980s professional women’s wrestling franchise, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. What at first appears to be a Meta critique and exploration on the effort and drama that goes into the creation of a show ultimately becomes an invigorating look into the development of identities and narratives, womanhood and stereotypes, and the constructions of wrestling and television in the ‘80s. The power of GLOW lies in its real characters, killer soundtrack and playful kitsch.

– Jane Morgan


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