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Pet of the Issue

Pet of the Issue – Jett

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Submitted by Danette Benton

Jett is a smooth coat Border Collie. She and Danette go to weekly agility classes with Lisa Graham at Pets Behave in Niceville. “It is great fun and a good confidence builder for any dog,” says Danette. “Whether Jett is ever good enough to compete is not important to me. We come home from class happy, having had a great workout.”
Danette tries to take the high-energy Jett everywhere she goes. He’s good on the paddleboard and loves the beach. “He basically loves to do anything we do.”
Jett relaxes on the boat after a hard day riding around on his raft in his capacity as Crab Island Ambassador.
“Jett is the perfect dog for us,” says Danette. “He is family, really just a person in a fur suit—a really loyal, fun, amazing person in a fur suit!”

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