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Pet of the Issue

Pet of the Issue – Sangria

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Submitted by Paula Hilton

Sangria, a mix of...—well, we’re not sure, but we see some dachshund there, and she was described as a Chihuahua on the PAWS website—was rescued by Paula and Editor Manson a couple years ago. The PAWS staff had no idea about Sangria’s history, but the smart little gal immediately taught her sister Taquila (also adopted around the same time from PAWS) how to use the stairs and doggie doors.
“Mom always asks Alexa, ‘Is today Christmas?’” says Sangria. “I find it endearing, and I also love the homemade chicken treats Mom makes in the dehydrator.”
Sangria with her sister and BFF Taquila. As you can see, they sleep pretty much wherever they want. And often.
Sangria, at poolside, howling. “This is something that has to be seen and heard to be believed,” says Editor Manson.

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