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Marinella Monk’s Eternal Love Story

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Marinella Monk, M.D.
Photo courtesy of the author.

“This book is intended to inspire and bring hope to my readers, as I truly believe there is a better place for all of us, within ourselves and in the universe, here on earth and in the heavens, where love has no barriers.”

– Marinella Monk M.D., from Heaven Rediscovered



Dr. Marinella Monk, who was kind enough to send Beachcomber a copy of her first novel, Heaven Rediscovered, was a staff member at Sacred Heart Hospital until her recent retirement.


She and her husband Robert came to the Destin area in 2002 from Houston, Texas, where Monk served as medical director at the Houston Rehabilitation Institute for nine years. During that period, she experienced “a very exciting and busy medical practice, but I soon found out that it did not leave much time for a personal life. Coming to Destin was a decision that fulfilled my expectations, offering a quality of life that one can only dream of.”


Before embarking on her medical career, Monk studied and learned to play the harp. “Music has always been part of my life, even if I could not play as often as i would have loved,” she says. “Following the Conservatoire in Paris, where I am from, I enrolled in medicine and completed a doctorate in medicine at the University Lariboisiere-St. Louis.” She specialized in sports medicine and pain medicine and spent three-plus years in private practice. In 1986, she came to the United States.


“I first started writing books at the request of some of my patients, who asked me to share some of my words of encouragement we had during our conversations with other people that might find help as well,” says Monk. “I must say that many of my patients who suffered from devastating injuries spent…weeks and months in the hospital, and during these trying long days and nights of their recovery, doctor-patient relationships were very important for all of us.


“Going through the lows and the heights of medical concerns and intense emotions, the battle of rebuilding a new life and many times a new person, (turned out) to be a very rewarding journey for the patients and their families, as well as a very humbling and enriching experience for myself.”


Monk’s first two books, You Are Not Alone and Gentle Therapy, are motivational. Heaven Rediscovered (subtitled “An Eternal Love Story”) represented a new challenge for the author—it’s her first fictional work. “It is a love story, and the two main characters, Isabelle and Gérard, will take the reader into their life adventure with unexpected drama, places and events,” she says.


She took on some existential inquiries in the novel—the reasons for our lives on earth, our destiny after our physical demise, and the connections between life as we know it now and in Heaven. Also—is love immortal? Is there a God? And why is violence and suffering tolerated?


“Writing Heaven Rediscovered, I attempted to introduce my own ideas answering to these questions, at times with some images suggested by patients that shared with me their own experiences,” says Monk. She adds that the book is intended to bring hope and uplift readers’ spirits “to dream that there can be Heaven on earth if we humans make the right choices, and that we can find our Heaven here on earth within ourselves, or in higher realms, where love has no barriers.”


Heaven Rediscovered is available at local bookstores and online. You can also download a copy at the usual ebook providers.

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