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Live Music Review

Live Music Review – The Moon Lagoons

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Graffiti & the Funky Blues Shack, Destin


Throughout the Emerald Coast, we have a plethora of bands and artists that have cemented themselves in our local music community and have been part of it for many years. We should be thankful for them, because they have paved the way and created a thriving environment for a relatively new band that’s been making a big splash recently—The Moon Lagoons.


These young and talented musicians have been making the rounds at some of our best local music venues, bringing a sound that reflects our area well—a smooth and beachy vibe that is sure to entertain. As I walked into the recently re-opened Funky Blues Shack for one of their shows, I witnessed a live music painter named Beverly Kennedy working on some absolutely magnificent art, and I knew I was in for a treat.


The Moon Lagoons lineup includes some of the best musicians on the Emerald Coast, including Buddy Brumit (formerly of Continuum) on vocals and acoustic guitar, Metz Barnes (also a member of Cadillac Willy and the 2017 Beachcomber Music Award winner for Best Keyboardist) on keys and vocals, Alston Weeks on drums and vocals, Orilious Banks on guitar, and Michael Paoletti on bass guitar.


Their sound is cemented in roots rock and soul music, but they aren’t afraid to turn the clock back and play some great classics from the Rolling Stones, the Temptations, CCR and Parliament. Alongside these classics, they bring up their own versions of more recent hits from artists such as MGMT and Empire of the Sun.


This band also has achieved a great hallmark for their career, being part of 103.1 FM the Blaze’s Local Break. This included a radio broadcast debut of their new original song “Through To You,” and a live broadcast performance of a few of their songs.


As I looked around and took in the eclectic atmosphere of the Funky Blues Shack, I realized the Moon Lagoons were in a very fitting environment. With their combined musical talents blending old and new, taking established songs and turning them into something all their own, we can see that these musicians are more than just a run-of-the-mill summertime cover band. They are something to look out for, and I’d be looking out for them sooner rather than later.

– Marcus DeGagne
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