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Award Winning Artist Rick Otoupalik

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Artist Rick Otoupalik…

…and his Best in Show winner at ADSO’s recent On the Menu exhibit, “In Every Pot.”

“Practice your art; you never get better sitting and waiting for inspiration. If you want to be a better artist, create more art.”

Rick Otoupalik



Artist Rick Otoupalik recently won Best in Show at the Arts and Design Society’s On the Menu with his captivating “In Every Pot.” No small feat, considering he was up against some formidable competition, including Pat Z. Roberts, whose “Happy Hour” (from the same show) was featured on a recent Beachcomber cover.


Otoupalik’s work includes wall works and sculptures, as well as posters for ADSO, where he serves on the board.


“Next to language, sculpture and painting may be two of the defining characteristics of our species,” he says. “Artists have tried to understand and interpret our existence through art for millennia. From Neolithic fertility carvings to modern abstractions, man is constantly reinterpreting the human form.


“I see the human form as representing the consciousness and self-awareness of our species. I endeavor to share this vision in my work.”


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