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In Her Own Words… Artist Kay Richoux

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Although I was born in New Orleans, you will most likely find me between Lafayette, Louisiana and Santa Rosa Beach. I travel along the Gulf Coast beaches and bayous creating my art.


I graduated from Saint Thomas More High School in Lafayette in 1986 and pursued a career in Art and Architecture at University of Southwestern Louisiana. Somewhere along the way, I became a travel agent and a nurse and never completed my arts degree.


My 23-year career as a nurse included working in pediatric clinics, being a patient care coordinator for a local healthcare company, working for Nutrisystem, and being a clinic nurse for a Louisiana plastic reconstructive surgeon.


In between, I had four beautiful children with my awesome husband of 29 years. In July 2015, I finally retired from nursing to pursue my dream job of creating art 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The most prominent artistic influences for me include Mary Jane Cox, Sally Padgett, Sara Parker, Justin Lyons, Andy Saczynski, Justin Gaffrey and Gustav Klimt. Over the summer of 2015, I had an of epiphany which sparked the movement in me to create the art I make today.


My paintings are meant to depict vibrancy through color, the possibilities of life yet untapped, childhood, the feeling that anything is possible…a hopeful future. I reflect on the past and acknowledge experiences or individuals who have shaped my path.


Sometimes I find myself depicting times or characters who may have lived in the past or who will live in a future time that has so far only existed in my imagination. My goal when I create is to connect my art to the viewer through the different media and textures that I use to bring each piece to life.


Kay Richoux is the featured artist at the Walton County Coastal Branch Library in Santa Rosa Beach all summer long.

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