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Editor Manson (center) with Beachcomber Music Award winners Season Ammons and Allen Rayfield at the recent Flow Tribe concert at the Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village in Destin. Jump to page 25 to find out how you can bring Ammons and Rayfield’s new album to fruition.

We got some actual feedback from Beachcomber readers in the last couple weeks (what used to be called “Letters to the Editor”), so I don’t have to write anything this issue. Thank God. We always love to hear from you, so email, and remember…be nice.

– Editor Manson


I am really loving Beachcomber as a fairly new (well, two blissful years) resident. The writers mostly have the fun, whimsical attitude this area deserves, and it just happens to match my goofy heart.


I read your “10 Things” (May 4-17 Beachcomber), and number five really cracked me up. I was really paying attention and happen to know about the film screenings and The Judge. The $100 prize should get attention, or else you are going to have all your issues scooped up by people with a lot of time on their hands.


I am pleased to tell you that I find very few proofing mistakes, so you must have good people editing and proofreading.


A few thoughts from (the May 4-17) issue:


Carl Hiaasen’s United Airlines piece—I had a career in the travel business, so I could write a whole issue on why that man got bumped from the Untied flight. And why is he going to be a richer man than his physician practice could ever bring him? I know how to not get bumped, and no one in the news has addressed that, surprisingly.


The Bill O’Reilly piece—I am tempted to write a response to Leonard Pitts Jr. to ask why he and everyone else is ignoring the elephant in the room at Fox News. For years, O’Reilly promoted hot women (albeit smart ones) and asked that they wear dresses with lots of cleavage peering out over those solid-colored tight fabrics.


Maybe now those journalists will have a break with that and see how that look offends reasonable, smart women. (Okay, I know sex sells. And I am a little jealous of them.)


The “Welcome Home” piece—Dick Rynearson (the newly elected Fort Walton Beach mayor) refers to the BP funds that have been approved for FWB. Not sure if they are caught up in what seems to be some very less than attentive lawyers handling some of the cases. Word on the street is the money could be in the bank with a few very high-tempered citizens and not-so-patient politicians.


Some in the state have received their funds. The loudest sometimes come in first.

Debbie Michel, Santa Rosa Beach (Formerly Atlanta)


One of my jobs is with 30A at Gulf Place. At least five or six times a day, I refer people to your publication and tell them where to pick it up. For people who have never been to the area or the ones with children, Beachcomber is the best thing since sliced bread. And I tell them that.


Actually, I refer to it as “my local bible of things to do.”

Jamie Haig, Destin
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