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3OA Trolley Ready to Roll

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Sunshine Shuttle and Limousine announces commencement of the fourth consecutive trolley transit season to serve South Walton along Scenic Highway 30A.


Since 2014, Sunshine Shuttle has worked to alleviate in-season traffic along 30A. The amenity is delivered to both community residents and visitors by providing a nod to yesterday with an iconic trolley. This year, Sunshine launches multiple vehicles along the route, with no less than 11 confirmed stops at major points along the way.


The program will kick off Memorial Day Weekend and run daily through Labor Day. Shuttles will provide new technology for riders, including real-time GPS location tracking of each vehicle along the route through a new mobile app that can be downloaded in an instant from all app stores.


“Sunshine is working alongside our committed route stop partners to change the culture of South Walton,” says owner-founder John Finch. “We are looking forward to providing Sunshine’s incredible service and best effort to help alleviate traffic and congestion along the densely populated 30A.”


“It is imperative that we try some form of busing system to alleviate some of the traffic, whether it holds us up from stops or not,” says Seagrove Beach resident Laurie Reichenbach. “We’ve got to get cars off 30A, even if it costs us. As a resident, I would use (the trolley). Hopefully (tourists) will use it because they’re all drinking and they need a ride.”

– James Hutto
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