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Live Music Review

Live Music Review – Slaughter / Palafoxx / Kickstand Jenny

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Club LA, Destin


With local openers Kickstand Jenny and Palafoxx paving the way for a great night of rock music, Slaughter continued to hit all the right notes.


Vocalist, guitarist and band namesake Mark Slaughter proved that his vocal prowess and showmanship haven’t faded. Bass guitarist Dana Strum and lead guitarist Jeff “Blando” Bland kept the energy moving as they strutted across the stage even during complicated riffs.


The newest member of the Slaughter line-up is drummer Zoltan Chaney, who manages to steal the spotlight as a stick-twirling madman. Google him, and you’ll see the phrase “the most insane drummer you’ll ever see” pop up as a top result. The title is well deserved.


Slaughter has a history reaching almost three decades, with Mark and Strum being original members, Bland has been in the band for nearly 20 years. This means Slaughter is more than a cover band clinging to the brand name—they’re the real deal, and the crowd loved every minute of it.


I’m not going to fib. I knew a few Slaughter tunes before the concert, but not their extensive catalog. And while a nice slice of audience knew every single word and lick of every single song, my biggest takeaway was how damned good they were.


It’s easy to lump Slaughter with the hair metal acts that were all look and no substance because they hit the scene (and MTV) at the same time. But that’s entirely unfair considering their performance and who they are as musicians. Catch them live and you won’t regret it.

Nikki Hedrick
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