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Spring Breakers, Know Your Rights

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Chris Manson strokes the crowd during the Ninth Ever Beachcomber Music Awards at Graffiti & the Funky Blues Shack in Destin. That’s the trendy (Hall of Fame honoree) JoE Fingas shirt Chris is sporting, and you should get yours while supplies last.

Came down to get some sun

Now I’m turning pale

I’m spending spring break in the Walton County Jail

– Wildly Popular Original Song by Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson



You have the right to tip your servers, bartenders, musicians and adult entertainers generously.


You have the right to clean up after yourselves at all times.


You have the right to post pictures of (and asking prices for) all the stuff the Snowbirds left behind in your rental unit on Facebook Marketplace.


You have the right to spent lots of money (yours and your parents’) at all of the businesses that advertise in Beachcomber.


You have the right to post embarrassing photos/videos of yourselves and your friends on social media. Just don’t tag Destin, 30A, South Walton, Fort Walton Beach, etc.


You have the right to put a Blue Lives Matter bumper sticker on your car, but you’re still going to jail if you break the law. Especially in Walton County. Sheriff Mike’s a hardass.

You have the right to play volleyball on the beach if you’re physically attractive.


You have the right to use our highways and byways, as long as you drive responsibly. And remember, the actual speed limit is what’s posted plus 20.


You have the right to disagree with any of the above. But you know I’m right.





A great night (“Revolution #9—Beachcomber Music Awards Winners, Highlights,” Congratulations to all of the award winners and the nominees. Thanks go out to Chris Manson and the Funky Blues Shack management and staff.

Ray Hitchell



Ray Hitchell tickles the ebonies and ivories nightly at Seagar’s in Sandestin. He performed with the Matt McCarty Quintet at the awards and is overdue for a Beachcomber profile.


Best event ever! Honored beyond words that our little place won best venue.

30A Songwriter Radio Music & Coffee, Santa Rosa Beach



Normally, I really enjoy and support your publication, but the photo from the 30A Guide Service on page 27 (Outdoors, Jan. 26-Feb. 8 Beachcomber) is not something I would want my grandchildren to see. I have been an outdoorsman all my life, but I think killing migrating stingrays from a boat while they are lined up on the bottom a few feet away is as unsportsmanlike as it gets.


I counted 17 slaughtered rays in the photo at upper right. I’m trying to teach respect and conservation of our marine life. This disgusting photo conveys just the opposite. I know advertising dollars are important, but I think promoting responsible conservation of our marine environments should take precedence, especially in these challenging times.

Bart Daughety, Navarre
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