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Wines to Try – MAN Chenin Blanc

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The brand incorporates the initials of the names of the three winemakers’ wives—Marie, Anette and Nicky. The wines are distinctive in that these winemakers are focused on producing a range of varietal wines from one region, the Agter-Pearl area of South Africa.


This is a crisp, medium-bodied wine with vibrant aromas of quince and tropical fruit. On the palate, fresh stone fruit (apricots and peaches) and apple flavors are backed by acidity and a mineral quality.


The Chenin Blanc is the only free-run juice (no pressing of the grapes) to preserve its clean and natural character, with refreshing acidity and delicious ripe fruit flavors.


It’s a versatile option for almost any dish, especially Thai curries, Mediterranean tapas and rich seafood dishes. The wine is also fabulous as an aperitif for a hot summer afternoon and ages beautifully over two to five years.


Come try a glass or bottle of this South African gem at the Twisted Grape Wine Bar & Cafe in Shalimar.

– Debbie Thomas
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