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Eight Reasons Why This Issue Was Late

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Who let this guy in? Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson (far right) with Graffiti & the Funky Blues Shack’s Chuck and Carmen Stiles at the hot spot’s reopening in Destin. Try the Buddy Guy, it’s delicious.

For Tosha Manke, who does most of the heavy lifting and last-minute fixes before Beachcomber goes to press. And, every two weeks, has to wait for me to send her my Page 3 article. If patience is indeed a virtue, she is the most virtuous of them all.


1. I was researching this issue’s Happy Hour listings for accuracy, and then I passed out for 36 hours.


2. I had a week’s worth of M*A*S*H reruns filling up the DVR and had to remove them in a non-wasteful (and time-consuming) manner.


3. We had the Act4Murder awards in Pensacola Beach this past weekend, and I was the guy who had to make all those trips back and forth to check on the dogs.


Incidentally, Jet 100 FM is the best radio station ever. I listened to it for three days straight, and there was never anything to turn off. I also had my “a-HA!” moment when I finally realized Golden Earring’s classic “Radar Love” is not about Gary Burghoff’s character from M*A*S*H.


The other a-HA moment happened when they played “Take on Me.”


4. I couldn’t resist watching the Atlanta Falcons hold the world in their hands and then throw it all away. Hey, is that the Falcons coach reenacting Lady Gaga’s stadium rooftop leap without a bungee cord?


5. The dog ate my computer.


6. The other dog ate my camera.


7. Charles Morgan had to go to Mobile again, leaving me scrambling to fill up the eight pages I’d socked away for his latest Beachcomber Interview. “I can always interview myself again,” he told me Tuesday morning before I “accidentally” dropped my phone off the balcony.


8. I was busy checking the online survey for the Ninth Ever Beachcomber Music Awards, to be held at Graffiti & the Funky Blues Shack in Destin Monday, March 6. If you haven’t voted yet, hurry and do it right now at, because Sunday, Feb. 12, 11:59 p.m. is the cutoff.

Will any of those work?

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