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Live Music Review

Live Music Review – Jamey Johnson

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Photo by Nikki Hedrick.

Club LA, Destin


On January 18,, country fans flocked to Destin’s Club LA to see Jamey Johnson take the stage.


The night began with Chris Hennessee, a member of Johnson’s band, as the opening act. Hennessee warmed up the crowd with guitar in hand, singing stories about his life and how he came to tour to Johnson.


While the club piped in classic country songs—prompting singalongs from the crowd—Johnson’s immense band took the stage. I assumed he would be playing with a band, but I wasn’t expecting it to be 10 members strong, including two percussionists and two horns. The band gave extra life to Johnson’s stripped down songs.


With 11 Grammy nods and numerous CMA and ACM awards under his belt, Johnson puts the focus on the power of a song. While the crowd knew every word and hooted when it came time for their favorites, Johnson’s understated demeanor meant everyone was truly there for the love of country music.

‑ Nikki Hedrick
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