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Enjoy the Show, Come Early for the Art

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“Kaleidoscope II” by Donnelle Clark.

“Lyrical Currents” by Theresia McInnis.

“Rip Tide” by Bobbi Henson.

There’s a new show in town, and a new pop‑up gallery to go with it. Thirty‑five local artists join Emerald Coast Theatre Company’s performance of Bakersfield Mist to bring a beautiful barrage of abstract expressionism to audiences Jan. 27‑Feb. 19 at 560 Grand Boulevard Upstairs in Miramar Beach.


Playgoers are encouraged to arrive early for each show to allow extra time to view the art in a space that transports guests to a big city warehouse.


The professional comedy‑drama centers on an unemployed bartender and an art expert who begin to question the true definition of art and the authenticity of people, while the industrial‑style space above Grand Boulevard’s retail stores comes alive with 80 new works of expressive art shown and available for sale, with proceeds benefiting ECTC’s educational theater.


“I am amazed at the variety of talent displayed for this show,” says artist and gallery coordinator Lori Drew. “The play and the art play so well together. I think this is going to be our best presentation yet, and we are all hoping sales exceed our expectations—for both the artists and the theater company.”


Abstract expressionism is a post–World War II art movement in American painting, developed in New York in the 1940s. “What better way to experience the local art world’s take on this style than in a setting similar to one they might find in New York,” says Drew. “Our goal for the art collection is to get viewers talking, to have them look deeper into each piece, and by coming early to the performance for the gallery, it acts as a ‘warm‑up’ for the play itself, adding a new dimension to the whole experience.”


To learn more, email The theater space will be open an hour before each show, scheduled for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m.



Susan Alfieri

Renee Broxson

Melissa Mercer Brown

Donna Burgess

Donnelle Clark

Judy Dewar

Carol Dickson

Lori Drew

Russell Ferris

Nancy Gehrke

Cheryl Gray

Bobbi Henson

Mary Hong

JoAnne Jones

Peggy Jones

Velia Lala

Suzanne LeLoup‑West

Helga Letourneau

Susan Lucas

Theresia McInnis

Melanie Moore

John Murphy

Dee Ann Najjar

Cindi Newhouse

Ariel Overholt

Patti Overholt

Marian Pacsuta

Betty Pinkston

Nan Ream

Marti Schmidt

Lorraine Sloan

Sarah Stewart

Joan Vienot

Robin Wiesneth

Corina Zalace


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