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Beachcomber Profiles* – Nick Horton

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HOMETOWN: St. Louis, Missouri.


AGE: 32.


PROFESSION: Singer‑songwriter.


RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I have released five music videos on YouTube, with two of them reaching over 100,000 views. I recently launched a reality TV show called Starving Artist, putting out two episodes and currently working on the third. My song “Get Up” hit the radio and became number 88 on the request lines just last month. I was featured in the Fall 2016 issue of VIP Destin magazine as an “artist to keep your eye on,” and since then I have been featured on other local TV and radio shows.


QUOTE: “Live for now. Not tomorrow, not yesterday…now.” – Eckhart Tolle


PROFILE: I realized I wanted to play music and make my mark in the industry at the age of 15. I have not stopped since, and my new mission is to do my part and change the world.




* Inspired by the late, great Creem magazine.

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