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Tim Morinelli on Karaoke

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Outsung again… karaoke host Tim Morinelli (left) yields the spotlight at AJ’s on the Bayou in Fort Walton Beach.
Photo by Chris Manson.

The idea of karaoke is to bring John and Jane Doe into the spotlight. It’s so many descriptive words—party… scary… horrible… incredible… OK… emotional… but mostly fun.


Being a professional singer, I think I can say this about karaoke—it’s a blast. But just like Mariah’s New Year’s Eve gig, there are divas, too.


Tim Morinelli hosts karaoke Tuesday and Wednesday nights at AJ’s on the Bayou and AJ’s Oyster Shanty, respectively. He and wife Rusty won the Best Duo honors at the 2016 Beachcomber Music Awards.

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