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Best Female Vocalist winner Hope Given will perform with her band at the Ninth Ever Beachcomber Music Awards, to be held Monday, March 6, at the new Funky Blues Shack in Destin. Other confirmed performers include Nik Flagstar and His Dirty Mangy Dogs, Kickstand Jenny, Finga FAYA and the Matt McCarty Quintet. The first round of nominations is happening now.

Rebecca Williams writes:


I went by Publix to pick up a copy of The Beachcomber, my favorite entertainment guide for the area. The display box was closed, and when I asked about it, the management told me the distributor had quit.


Where will I be able to get future copies of The Beachcomber? Please tell me Plan B is being activated, so I won’t miss out on your great coverage of activities and entertainment.


First of all, thanks, Rebecca, for your kind words.


Second, our distributor did not quit. It is my understanding that the removal of The Beachcomber and several other FREE publications from Publix supermarkets was a corporate decision. Which kind of pissed me off at first, because we move a lot of Beachcombers at Publix locations from 30A all the way west to Navarre.


But there are still lots of places where you can pick us up along the Emerald Coast. If you’re reading this, you apparently already figured that out.


If you own a restaurant, bar, shop, vaping lounge, movie theater, bike shop, post office, gentleman’s club, ladies’ club, bail bonds company, doctor’s office, car dealership or large supermarket chain and would like to offer The Beachcomber to your customers, hit me up and I’ll make it happen.


And, of course, you can always read the complete print edition (plus back issues and exclusive web content) at


If all else fails, call me and I will personally deliver a copy to your doorstep.


My boycott of Publix lasted about half a second. I was baffled that the stores would carry the New York Times, MAD, and a bunch of gun magazines but not The Beachcomber, but that’s on the bean counters—not the nice folks that work at my local Publix store.


But feel free to stop by your Publix and complain. A little civil disobedience never hurts.





We’re currently looking for someone to cover firearms for a new section of The Beachcomber, coming soon. If you’re an expert, email me at


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