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Behind the Song — “It’s Been All Over Before”

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I honestly have no memory of writing this song. None at all. That happens occasionally. It used to happen because I wrote the thing blown out of my tiny little mind, these days I think it’s more just because my brain is ash held in place by my skull.


The song is about how there’s multiple times in our lives when “it’s all over.” You break up with this girl, it’s all over. You lose that job, it’s all over. You miss opportunities because you’d rather be drinking, it’s all over. And then one day you discover, hmmm, it’s been all over before, hasn’t it, and it’ll be all over again someday; and in the meantime, life always rebuilds itself. Just because your life is all over today doesn’t mean some great opportunity is not going to come your way tomorrow. As I read in a Dale Carnegie book once, each day is a new day to a wise man.


I probably shouldn’t be saying this but the tune is a complete ripoff of Dylan’s “Up to Me” (which is also a better song, damn him). I figure, what the hell; he’s ripped off plenty of people. Like he’s ever going to find out anyway. He’s certainly never raised a stink before whenever I copped him, and I have. Maybe that’s why I like playing it so much; I already liked it before I wrote it.

– Tommy Womack



Tommy Womack returns to the 30A Songwriters Festival Jan. 13-15, thank Jesus. His most recent album is 2016’s great Namaste, a copy of which you should own and love by now.

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