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The Beat Profiles* — Dino Lourdi

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HOME: Santa Rosa Beach. Originally from Bali Island, Indonesia.


AGE: I am a demigod, so immortality is for my kind…LOL, prefer not to say.


PROFESSION: Guitarist, singer and songwriter.


HOBBIES: Playing guitar. Nature. Nature heals my soul. As islanders, we are raised to respect our earth, and I kind of consider myself a tree hugger. I do respect trees and love them, especially old ones. Whenever I see one that looks like it has aged, I normally just run up and hug it. There’s so many stories trees can tell through the time that earth has evolved. I get a little sad when I see old trees just get chopped down for nothing.


I love playing with dogs, rollerblading along the beach, exercising, cooking. I can cook pretty impressive meals—I can confidently say that. I cooked ratatouille just like in the movie, and had my besties try it at Enlightened Studios. I read books, watch movies, and love writing movie scripts. I have a few projects that I’ve started—hopefully, I can finish them one day.


LAST BOOK I READ: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It changes your life perspective as a human being in pursuit of happiness within.


RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Being able to use the talent God blessed me with to not only bring me income, but to bring joy to me and others. And mostly to worship Him at the church.


QUOTE: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” –  Martin Luther King Jr.


PROFILE: I’m still new in this music scene. I came to the USA 13 years ago not knowing anyone, and now I’m able to play music and entertain for a living—that’s a wild dream I never thought would come true. I am very blessed for this musical journey. God has always been kind to me throughout the times I’ve been dealing with deep depression, losing almost everything and nearly being homeless.


I only had 10 dollars in my bank account three years ago, but one day I decided to go check out Destiny Worship Center with the encouragement of my good friend Kalen Carter. Since that day, my life has been turned around from where I thought I was never going to get better. God, through my DWC family, helped me get back on track and rebuild myself.


Music has always been a part of my life. I grew up kind of spoiled, so in order to discipline me, my parents put me in after school extracurricular music programs taught by Catholic priests and sisters. It was really strict. That’s how I encountered the guitar at age 15. In high school, I was into the progressive metal band Dream Theater—shredding and odd notes, I found it really interesting. Later, I started looking into neoclassical rock, then a variety of jazz and fusion jazz.


I met Nick Turner at an open mic at the Funky Blues Shack Baytowne, and Scott Rockwood, the guitar sensei, was hosting it. A good friend invited me—at the time, I had no idea what an open mic was. I attempted to play the Beatles’ “With a Little Help from My Friends” and failed terribly. As I came off the stage, Nick invited me to the next open mic, and then I was showing up all over the area. I started channeling my long forgotten musical talent with the help of kindhearted people God sent to me—DWC, Nick, 30A Songwriter Radio’s Josette Rhodes and Shannon Ireland, Cole Huffer, Shane DeFurry, Arron Stevens…


Once I thought I’d be lonely in this foreign country, but now I have a big family. I’ve met so many lovely people throughout this journey. Music does bring people together. It’s powerful.


I incorporate smooth jazz, blues, Motown, pop, rock, reggae and a bit country. I love all kinds of music. A little of everything for everyone. I play both acoustic and electric guitar and sing. I’m putting together a band project, too—I think it’s time for this grasshopper to fly, so stay tuned.




* Inspired by the late, great CREEM magazine.

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