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Beachcomber Publisher (among other things) Charles Morgan III welcomes David and Donna from Greenwell Springs, Louisiana to the annual Harbor Docks Thanksgiving Feast in Destin.
Photo by Chris Manson.

According to Eddie Morgan, over 2,000 dinners were served at this year’s Harbor Docks Thanksgiving Feast (and at least one cocktail when Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson stopped in). Even better—the event raised over $23,000 for Destin Harvest and Habitat for Humanity. Well done, Beachcomberland!


“We are fortunate to be able to hold our Thanksgiving event every year,” says Charles Morgan III, who greeted folks at the door. “We are fortunate to have wonderful workers who work tirelessly year after year when they could be doing anything else.


“We are fortunate to have great volunteers who could spend the day on a couch watching football. We are fortunate to have a restaurant that has been successful for 37 years.


“We’ve made a decent living selling food for a profit over all these years. Giving away food one day a year is not a big deal. Our Thanksgiving is simple, but it’s also powerful.”

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