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Joy Santlofer

Food City: Four Centuries of Food-Making in New York

W.W. Norton


The late Joy Santlofer did not live to see this book finished, a task that was fulfilled by family and friends. This is more than a shallow piece on Big Apple noshing. It starts with Dutch settlers sitting in their huts pining for Old Country victuals, and ends in the present day. Santlofer chronicles bread, beer, crackers, butchers, distillers, sugar, coffee, labor unions, sanitation, and the clash of artisanal and mass-produced food. There’s social and economic history, but somehow it’s never dull. A good portion of the book is devoted to notes, and there are plenty of maps and illustrations.

– Bruce Collier




Linwood Barclay, The Twenty-Three. The follow-up to Far From True, published earlier this year, and the apparent conclusion to Barclay’s first-rate Promise Falls saga. But I sure hope not.


Lee Child, Night School. An interesting twist on the Jack Reacher formula, which goes back to our hero’s Army days and includes a final showdown that makes me think the book’s release on Election Day was no coincidence.


Phil Collins, Not Dead Yet: The Memoir. If you’re the least bit interested in this, get the audiobook, which is unabridged and narrated by Collins himself. And bear witness to this undervalued musicmaker’s triumphant return to the recording studio.

– Chris Manson
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