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What I Learnt from the 2016 Election

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SUNG TO THE TUNE OF “GO CUBS GO”… Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson celebrates the Chicago Cubs’ World Series victory, the team’s first since 1908. Chris would like to point out that he was not around for that last one.

Most people still don’t vote. With early voting—I cast my ballot at the Destin Community Center a week prior to the latest Hillary email investigation and/or Trump grope accusation, and it took about five minutes—it’s more convenient than ever. And some places provide free candy.


Republicans and Democrats all need to take a Political Science 101 refresher course. I took that class about 30 years ago, and the one thing I remember is that every great accomplishment in this nation’s history was the result of compromise, something that hasn’t really happened since the Carter administration.


Libertarians and other third parties need to start at the bottom. Run for local and state offices. Build up some momentum and dive into the congressional races. Also, Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein should never run for president again. They lost way worse than Hillary, who actually won. Sort of.


The election coverage on Facebook is better than anything on the TV networks. Both my anti-Trump and anti-Hillary friends offered insightful observations and friendly discourse. Just kidding, it was a full-on hate fest.


I understand President-elect Donald Trump’s appeal. Sort of. He didn’t go to Harvard, and he’s not a lawyer. Shades of Hal Philip Walker, the fictional candidate from Robert Altman’s great 1975 film Nashville.


Your vote doesn’t really count in the big race. Unless you’re one of those hoity-toity graduates of Electoral College. Where the hell is that school located, anyway? And do they even have a football team?





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The front-page headline of our special Election 2016 edition of The Beachcomber incorrectly stated “HILLARY DEFEATS TRUMP.” We apologize profanely for our incompetence.


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