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By Robin Wiesneth


Less than a month ago I was doing some illustrations with a friend when we started talking about mermaids. Now, I’ll draw almost anything, but I’m happier if there is a dog or cat in the picture. That was the spark for the first Mermutt (mermaid plus dog). My next thought was to combine the Mermutt with something else I love—wine.


That got me motivated to draw!


I “Mermutted” a friend’s dog on Instagram, got good feedback, and started trying other dog breeds. I soon had a dozen different characters.


My cat Tucker was not impressed. I could tell from his scowl that he expected felines to be a part of this project. I created some Purrmaids.


It’s been a few weeks, and my collection has grown to over 20 characters. My Mermutts are drinking red wine, white wine, beer and champagne. I’m adding new dog and cat breeds daily and have even given some thought to the under 21 crowd. We now have Mermutts without alcoholic beverages!


You can find the current collection of Mermutts and Purrmaids on my website, Each image links to my Red Bubble store where you can order t-shirts, mugs, canvas prints and more.


My website also has locations around town where you can pick up prints, coasters and greeting cards. The first shop to get new prints will be Waterfront Gifts in the Village of Baytowne Wharf, so be sure to look there first.


Visit my Facebook page A Brush With Humor to let me know what dog you’d like to see “Mermutted” next. Custom orders are available.


I’m excited to have paintings on display at the Foster Gallery in Miramar Beach from Nov. 21 through Feb. 27. Drop by and check out this wonderful gallery. Featured artists change every three months, so there is always something new and exciting.


I’m also part of the seasonal show One Size Fits All at the Foster Gallery. All pieces in this show are 10 by 10 inches and priced at only $125 each. This is a great way to purchase work by talented local artists, and original art makes a great Christmas gift.


You might even find a few Mermutts hanging out there.

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