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Live Music Review

Live Music Review – Pretty Reckless Holy White Hounds Them Evils

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Holy White Hounds
Photo by Nikki Hedrick.

Club LA, Destin


What a night.


The thing about getting out to see live music is no two nights are alike. Every night is a chance to see something new, something memorable…or possibly bands on the rise.


The trio Them Evils falls under the on the rise category. Their authentic, gritty interpretation of rock music is exactly what we need right now. With energy to spare, they hyped up the growing crowd and left a lasting impression, especially on the some of the girls hugging the front row.


Next up was Holy White Hounds. I interviewed them in August, and we chatted about their growing fan base and their future plans of playing to larger and larger crowds. At the time of the interview this tour was likely in the works, but they were unable to publicly discuss it. As a live band, they’re explosive. They pour every ounce of themselves onto the stage.


Now folks, I go to a whole lot of shows. I often spend part of them in the photo pit, directly in front of the audience. What is interesting about this perspective is I get to see the level of fandom that comes with a band. Pretty Reckless has a formidable fandom, complete with chanting, screaming, and faces full of euphoria. These concertgoers were beyond excited.


Seeing Pretty Reckless live, I understand why. They are a force.


It’s easy to dismiss a band fronted by an actress, but to do so means you haven’t been paying attention. Taylor Momsen is a frontwoman with the pipes and stage presence to back up that title.

Nikki Hedrick
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