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Live Music Review

Live Music Review – Dan Navarro

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Seaside Repertory Theatre


In my journeys, I have talked to so many inspiring people. I hear their stories and do my best to pass their voice onto readers.


A good interview feels very much like a conversation. It goes in unplanned places, and you walk away—or hang up the phone—feeling like you truly got to know another human. Those interviews always stand out.


That was very much the case when I interviewed Dan Navarro in May 2015.


Luckily he came back around, and I was able to see him perform. If you missed him, you’ll get another chance at the 30A Songwriters Festival next January.


Navarro’s songs are full of pain, sadness and bad relationships, but his quips between tunes help liven the mood. He is an emotional songwriter, and each song is a time capsule that propels you to what he was experiencing when he wrote it. As a performer, he pulls you in and connects with you.


Sometimes a stage persona is different from the person I interview. That was far from the case with Navarro. He was generous with his time, talent and willingness to connect with everyone who attended.


You walk away from a Navarro performance with a knowledge of the wonderful person you’ve just shared the room with.

Nikki Hedrick
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