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Bartender of the Issue

Bartender of the Issue – Jay Porter

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Landshark’s Pizza, Destin


You’d think Chicago native Porter would be out of place at Landshark’s with all the Green Bay Packers décor, but he doesn’t say anything about being a Bears fan. Or a Cubs fan, for that matter—it’s the Blackhawks and the Sox for this guy, who clarifies he’s from the South Side, which might as well be another country.


He’s been on the Emerald Coast for a little over a year and was drawn to the area by the beaches and the weather. Although during the time of Hermine, he found himself asking, “What’s a hurricane?”


Porter bartends and cooks, and can pretty much do anything else here. Landshark’s honcho Brian Hassman says of Porter: “He’s always on time, and he never stops working. He’s always helping out somewhere.”


Popular drinks here include Crown and Coke (Even when I’m not around?), strawberry and kiwi Jesters, and the Bloody Brian, the latter complete with pork rinds and Hassman’s infamous hot sauce. Porter’s beverages of choice include Corona, Jager bombs, and one I’m not familiar with, the Irish Car Bomb. “Every bar in Chicago has it,” he says, explaining it’s a mix of Guinness, Jameson’s and Bailey’s and “tastes like coffee.”


A former gun trainer in Chicago, Porter likes to spend his down time at the shooting range, specifically the one in DeFuniak Springs where you can use your high-powered rifles. A reminder to tip him well, and don’t piss him off.

Chris Manson
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