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The Beat Profiles* — Habitual Offender’s Matt Byrd

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HOME: Fort Walton Beach.


PROFESSION: I own Rockstar Custom Granite. I did all the granite at the Block, and also did the exterior stone on the Emerald Grande.


HOBBIES: I like to play first-person shooter video games.


LAST BOOK I READ: Clapton, Eric Clapton’s autobiography.


RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I’m celebrating one year with my own business. I did have a partner for a while. Now I’m own my own, and I’m quite proud of that.


QUOTE: “The smoker you drink, the player you get.” –  Joe Walsh. Yeah, I know it’s an album title, but I just like it.


PROFILE: I started on drums in the late ‘70s—did the club circuit in Atlanta for about 30 years, off and on. I switched to bass in 2004 and started singing lead. I’ve been writing lyrics since the ‘80s but couldn’t do anything with them. Now I have the ability to compose full songs.




Byrd has been playing around the area for nine years. He says his band has its own unique genre, “but it’s straight-up rock based.” Joining Byrd in the trio—Doug Wade on drums and backing vocals, and Beachcomber Music Award winner Stevie Ray Moseley on guitar and backing vocals.


* Inspired by the late, great CREEM magazine.

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