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Poor ol’ Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson is so overworked these days he couldn’t keep his eyes open long enough to take a selfie with Beachcomber Music Awards winner Hope Given. Or maybe it was the whiskey.

In addition to the best local writers—and if you think you belong in that category, send me some of your stuff—The Beachcomber is proud to bring you a couple essays by big-time bestselling authors Carl Hiaasen and Mitch Albom.


Hiaasen’s piece on third-party presidential candidates appears on page 7. And before you roll up your copy of this publication and thwack me over the head with it, I don’t particularly agree with what he wrote, either. I think we need more than two choices for president, or at least two that aren’t abysmal.


Still, I dare you to remain dry-eyed when you get to the ending.


By the way, Hiaasen’s latest novel, Razor Girl, is hilarious. You should drop whatever you’re doing and pick up a copy. I’m hoping the book will inspire a new hashtag, #DontShaveAndDrive.


Albom, whose long list of chart-topping books includes Tuesdays with Morrie, tries to make sense of senseless violence on page 32. It’s a very compelling and provocative piece.


I felt a lot smarter after reading this issue, and I hope you do, too. And just so you know, we will always do our best to present opposing views to any opinion piece published in The Beachcomber. Just email me at And be nice, please.

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