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A Bigger, Better Beachcomber

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I’m still here. I got bumped to page 6, but why gripe?


Part of the deal with the new owners was that they had to keep me onboard as editor until I die or win the Powerball jackpot. Kind of similar to that Playboy Mansion deal—whoever bought the place has to let Hef live there with his semi-housebroken dogs (and Playmates) for the remainder of his days.


Fortunately, it wasn’t hard to convince the new bosses since I almost know what I’m doing after eight years.


The other good news is we’re keeping the most of the old team around, at least until they pay me back for all those bar tabs I had to cover. Even better, we’ll be featuring plenty of new voices in these pages in the coming months. I—we—are always looking for interesting subjects to cover from the east end of 30A west to Navarre. And beyond.


In particular:


Artists and Photographers. For our cover and Art section. Since we only have 25-26 covers each year—some earmarked for special events—that’s hardly enough space to spotlight the hundreds of worthy creative forces in Beachcomberland. So send us samples of your work and tell us about yourselves in great detail.


Musicians. If you’re performing here regularly or not, Beachcomber readers want to know about you. Send your music and your gig schedule, and we’ll go from there. I am well aware that the music scene here is more than just solo guys with acoustic guitars singing Jimmy Buffett covers. Though there’s nothing wrong with that.


Chefs and Bartenders. We have two semi-regular features in our Food + Beverage department that you’d be perfect for. And your restaurant/bar might be impressed enough by the Beachcomber exposure to give you a huge pay increase.


Writers. If you’re a local author, we’d love to share your life story or an excerpt from your latest masterpiece. If you want to write a 500-600 word essay about life on the Emerald Coast, have at it. If you have some short, engrossing fiction that you think would appeal to our readers, get in touch immediately.


Nonprofits. Particularly any organization that isn’t heavily publicized in all the other (mostly useless) publications around here.


Anyone Else. We’d love to share your story, no matter what you do for work (or play). Also, anybody that is a subject matter expert on sports (the more unusual the better), fishing, real estate or fashion.


Finally, we can always use a good live music review, whether it’s from a local show or somewhere within reasonable traveling distance. See page 17 for an example.


Email your thoughts and comments to Like the DUI lawyer from the TV commercials, I will personally respond to your message.

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