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Destin – Come for the Seafood, Stay for the Decoys

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Muscle Shoals‑southern rock legends the Decoys in Beachcomber Editor’s old hometown Florence, Alabama.
Photo by Andreas Werner, from the band’s Facebook page.

By Nikki Hedrick


“(This is) a band put together of pretty good musicians that play along the Shoals,” Decoys vocalist‑guitarist Scott Boyer explains. “The band actually started about 30 years ago. I’ve been in this band for 30 years, which is more than I’ve been in all the other bands put together.”


Boyer was a member of Cowboy, a southern rock outfit that has become something of a legend, and he was part of the Capricorn Rhythm Section. The latter backed anyone and everyone in the southern rock world during the ‘70s, when most of the genre’s bands were signed to Capricorn Records.


David Hood, N.C Thurman, Mike Dillon and Kelvin Holly complete the lineup. Each member of the band has his own jaw‑dropping history—from backing Little Richard to writing hit songs—but the story always begins with a love for (and connection to) the music of Muscle Shoals, Alabama.


The Decoys headline this year’s Destin Seafood Festival on the Destin City Stage. The FREE event happens on the Destin Harbor Sept. 30‑Oct. 2.


They have an extra special treat for festivalgoers. “We are bringing the Muscle Shoals horn section down that way—and I love horns,” says Boyer. “They’ve played with us a couple times before, and it will be really great to have them with us. They are out playing with Lyle Lovett right now, but they will be down there October 1st.”


Boyer began his music career in the early ‘60s, starting with acoustic folk songs. “Dylan went electric, and that‘s when I got in my first band.” They were called the 31st of February, and the band included future Allman Brothers Band member Butch Trucks and David Brown, who later played with Boz Scaggs and Cowboy.


“We played around Tallahassee and eventually statewide,” says Boyer. “We had a ball playing at the 1968 Republican National Convention in Miami. We had to go through three security checks to get in, and I took some silverware from the tables and nobody checked us on the way out.


“I don’t know what I thought back then. I was trying,” he says of a music career that has spanned nearly half a century. “I feel sort of blessed that I have been able to make a living doing this as long as I have. I appreciate the fact that I’ve been able to do this for a good long while.


“I’ve noticed lately that I’m better known up here than I used to be. The attention is nice, and it’s nice to get respect from the music business. And all you have to do is be in it for 50 years!” he says with a laugh.


When it comes to the Decoys, it’s all about the music. “I love getting up on stage and listening to what they do. It is a good feeling band. The grooves are there—just like Muscle Shoals is so well known for—and it is a joy to play with these people.”


The Decoys have a couple original CDs under their belts, and they will have some on hand for the festival. They’re talking about recording another album in the near future.


The Decoys perform Saturday night, Oct. 1, on the Destin City Stage at 8. For the full music lineup, refer to this issue’s Live Music Calendar or visit And hit up the Decoys on their Facebook page.

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