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Artist JoAnne Jones Celebrates the Beauty of Our Area

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“Lazy Daze” by JoAnne Jones.

Artist JoAnne Jones has called the Emerald Coast home for decades.  Born in England at Burtonwood Air Force Base, she’s lived in North Africa and several states in this country. After her father’s retirement, the family settled in Fort Walton Beach where she first encountered “the sand between her toes.”

Almost two decades later, in the early ‘80s, Jones fell in love with the serenity and quietness of Santa Rosa Beach. She and her family made the decision to move and have since called Walton County home.


Jones has worked with textiles, pencils, charcoal and most varieties of paints, her favorite being acrylic. She considers her work eclectic, though her art is heavily influenced by the natural beauty of our area. She is continuingly exploring different themes and styles. She believes in learning new techniques and introducing oneself to new ideas.


Jones doesn’t want people to look at her art and immediately know she’s the artist. She wants the admirer to appreciate the piece before recognizing the signature.


“When you express yourself in a medium that you enjoy and love passionately it can be so rewarding,” the artist says. “I feel fortunate to be given the opportunity of surrounding myself with fellow artists and art enthusiasts in this wonderful artsy community.”


Jones is a member of the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County and a committee member of A+ Art.  Her work has been featured in the A+ Art, Top of the Class and Express Yourself Art exhibits. She is thankful for the support and recognition she has received from her fellow artists and her patrons. Her pieces have been sold to admirers throughout the United States and several foreign countries.


JoAnne Jones is the featured artist at the Walton County Coastal Branch Library in Santa Rosa Beach this month. Discover more at

‑ Cheryl Gray
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