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Ron “Shadow of the King” Adams on His Favorite Elvis Songs

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We asked popular Beachcomberland entertainer Ron Adams—performing his “Shadow of the King” tribute at Destin’s Club LA Sept. 2 with his band The Memphis Echoes—to share some of his favorite Elvis songs with our readers. Thanks, Ron!


“How Great Thou Art.” “The song that gets the most applause,” says Adams of the song that won Presley a Grammy. “Elvis walked into the studio and had never heard the song. They played it for him, and he recorded it quickly and passionately. I do this song a lot because it touches people’s hearts and has a powerful message.”


“An American Trilogy.” “I end a lot of my shows with this song and dedicate it to the people who serve or have served in the military. It always brings the house down.”


“The Impossible Dream,” “If I Can Dream.” “(These) are complicated songs with low notes and extremely high notes that a lot of people cannot sing. I’m blessed with a voice (as Elvis was) to be able to sing these songs and do it in a strong way.”


“Kentucky Rain,” “In the Ghetto.” “Heartfelt songs that tell a story and have a message. When I perform, I see it as a way to—just for an hour or two—make people smile and forget about all the problems they have in life. And I do not take this lightly. I see it as my job to share my gift to bring happiness into other people’s lives. I donate my time and talent to many charities so I can help raise money for those in need and am glad to be able to do that with a song.”

Chris Manson
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