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Matchless? You Bet Your _____

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One of the highlights for Beachcomber Editor Chris Manson (left, the not-cool looking guy) this summer was meeting the great New Orleans musician Glen David Andrews at LuLu’s Destin’s one-year anniversary bash. There were others, but let’s be honest…who can remember?

This publication encourages people to go out and have fun, not stay home and watch the boob tube. But I have to admit I was blown away by that great spectacle of human competition presented on network television over the last few weeks.


I am, of course, referring to the new Match Game starring Emmy Award winning actor Alec Baldwin. The ABC-TV reboot is faithful to the ‘70s daytime classic hosted by Gene Rayburn, right down to the sets, theme music and the long skinny microphone toted around by Mr. Baldwin like a badge of honor.


Few game shows exhibit the party mindset as well as this one, which makes it a perfect fit for The Beachcomber. It’s a pure delight to see the half-dozen B-plus-list celebrities sipping on wine as they scrawl down their risqué answers. When I was a kid, it was Richard Dawson pushing the envelope with his go-to fill-in-the-blank answer, “boobs.” Now “ass,” “penis” and even “vagina” are fair game for the 9-10 p.m. Central Standard Time hour.


The contestants are incredibly brainless, but it doesn’t detract from the fun. Baldwin is clearly having a great time, and celebrity panelists have included Seinfeld star Jason Alexander—coming to Niceville’s Mattie Kelly Arts Center in January 2017—and occasional Beachcomberland visitor Sheryl Crow.


And there’s your relevance, friends. Set your DVRs and thank me later.





Congratulations on attaining 15 years of publication (“What Were You Doing 15 Years Ago?,” Aug. 11-24 Beachcomber), but it’s certainly not difficult to see why you have. The Beachcomber, as a purveyor of information, is a true gem for our area (and is) fun to read, attractive and lively. Thanks so much for working so hard to make this available to our community. Thanks also to your staff, who make everything sound colorful and exciting. Of course, I particularly appreciate your coverage of the arts.

Tuny Jennings, Arts & Design Society (ADSO), Fort Walton Beach



Some greats listed (The 15 Greatest Beachcomber Albums, Aug. 11-24 Beachcomber)!

Shannon Ireland, 30A Songwriter Radio, Santa Rosa Beach



I really like The Wide Open, We’ll Get By.

Matt Byrd




Frequent Beachcomber cover illustrator Juan Francisco Adaro—last seen gracing Page 1 of our Aug. 11-24 issue—is the featured artist at dk gallery in September. The gallery is located in Marietta, Georgia, but since gas is cheap these days, a road trip seems to be in order. The reception is scheduled for Sept. 2 from 5 to 9 p.m. More at



We’re always on the lookout for stunning artwork for our cover, any “15 Great Something-or-Other” listicles to tie in with The Beachcomber’s 15th Anniversary, photos from recent events, and reviews of live music performances (local or otherwise). Email And anything else you think might be interesting. Get in touch!

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