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Local Author Spotlight – Linda Sealy Knowles

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Author Linda Sealy Knowles.

Readers will be caught up in the twists and turns in Bud’s Journey Home, a captivating Western novel by Niceville author Linda Sealy Knowles. Knowles is 71 and has been writing for the last three years. This is her fourth book.


In the novel, the luck of a gambling hand changes a young cowboy’s fate, and now he’s ready to start a new life. After serving time in the Louisiana State Prison, Bud Downey spends many months winning a small fortune as a gambler.  Feeling confident that he has won enough money, he packs up his stake to begin his journey back home to Limason, Texas.


After Downey’s last winning hand at the card table, a couple of disgruntled cowboys are angry that they’ve lost all their money to the smooth-talking young man. As Downey travels near the border of Lafayette, Louisiana, he is ambushed, shot and left for dead in the swampy waters of the bayou.


Rosie Jourdian never dreamed that at the young age of 18 she would have the sole responsibility of caring for her two young siblings. Who would believe that life could play such an ugly, cruel trick? She was abandoned by her mama and left to raise a six-week-old baby boy and an 11-year-old brother.


While fishing in the bayou river to help feed her little family, Rosie discovers a bloody cowboy in the swampy waters. With special herbs and potions made by Justice, a black Creole lady friend, they nurse him back to health. The men who are looking for Downey discover his whereabouts and burn down Rosie’s shack. Will this independent young girl go with Downey and leave the only place she has ever known all her life?


Knowles’ novel is a Western story about love, redemption and family. Published by Tate Publishing, you can get your copy at bookstores nationwide or online at, or


Knowles’ previous novels include Journey to Heaven Knows Where, Hannah’s Way and The Secret.


This article was submitted by the author. The Beachcomber is always happy to share news about local writers. Email and remember to read responsibly.

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